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P'ARTNER, noun [from part.] One who partakes or shares with another; a partaker; an associate; as, she is partner of my life, of my joys, of my griefs.

Those of the race of Shem were no partners in the unbelieving work of the tower.

1. An associate in any business or occupation; a joint owner of stock or capital, employed in commerce, manufactures or other business. Men are sometimes partners in a single voyage or adventure, sometimes in a firm or standing company.

2. One who dances with another, either male or female, as in a contra dance.

3. A husband or wife.

P'ARTNER, verb transitive To join; to associate with a partner [Little Used.]

Partners, in a ship, pieces of plank nailed round the scuttles in a deck where the masts are placed; also, the scuttles themselves.