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POSI'TION, noun [Latin positio, form positus. See Pose and Posited.]

1. State of being placed; situation; often with reference to other objects, or to different parts of the same object.

We have different prospects of the same thing according to our different positions to it.

2. Manner of standing or being placed; attitude; as an inclining position

3. Principle laid down; proposition advanced or affirmed as a fixed principle, or stated as the ground of reasoning, or to be proved.

Let not the proof of any position depend on the positions that follow, but always on those which precede.

4. The advancement of any principle.

5. State; condition.

Great Britain, at the peace of 1763, stood in a position to prescribe her own terms.

6. In grammar, the state of a vowel placed between two consonants, as in pompous, or before a double consonant, as in axle. In prosody, vowels are said to be long or short by position