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PROJECT', verb transitive [Latin projicio; pro, forward, and jacio, to throw.]

1. To throw out; to cast or shoot forward.

Th' ascending villas

PROJECT long shadows o'er the crystal tide.

2. To cast forward in the mind; to scheme; to contrive; to devise something to be done; as, to project a plan for paying off the national debt; to project an expedition to South America; to project peace or war.

3. To draw or exhibit, as the form of any thing; to delineate.

PROJECT', verb intransitive To shoot forward; to extend beyond something else; to jut; to be prominent; as, the cornice projects.

PROJ'ECT, noun A scheme; a design; something intended or devised; contrivance; as the project of a canal from the Hudson to the lakes; all our projects of happiness are liable to be frustrated.

1. An idle scheme; a design not practicable; as a man given to projects.