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RE'ADING, participle present tense

1. Pronouncing or perusing written or printed words or characters of a book or writing.

2. Discovering by marks; understanding.

RE'ADING, noun

1. The act of reading; perusal.

2. Study of books; as a man of extensive reading

3. A lecture or prelection.

4. Public recital.

The Jews had their weekly readings of the law.

5. In criticism, the manner of reading the manuscripts of ancient authors, where the words or letters are obscure. No small part of the business of critics is to settle the true reading or real words used by the author; and the various readings of different critics are often perplexing.

6. A commentary or gloss on a law, text or passage.

7. In legislation, the formal recital of a bill by the proper officer, before the house which is to consider it. In Congress and in the state legislatures, a bill must usually have three several readings on different days, before it can be passed into a law.