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REPO'SE, verb transitive s as z. [Latin repono, reposui.]

1. To lay at rest.

- After the toil of battle, to repose your wearied virtue.

2. To lay; to rest, as the mind, in confidence or trust; as, to repose trust or confidence in a person's veracity.

3. To lay up; to deposit; to lodge; as pebbles reposed in cliffs.

4. To place in confidence.

REPO'SE, verb intransitive

1. To lie at rest; to sleep.

Within a thicket I repos'd.

2. To rest in confidence. I repose on the faith and honor of a friend.

3. To lie; to rest; as trap reposing on sand.

REPO'SE, noun

1. A lying at rest.

2. Sleep; rest; quiet.

3. Rest of mind; tranquility; freedom from uneasiness.

4. Cause of rest.

5. In poetry, a rest; a pause.

6. In painting, harmony of colors, as when nothing glaring appears.