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1. The act of representing, describing or showing.

2. That which exhibits by resemblance; image, likeness, picture or statue; as representations of God.

3. Any exhibition of the form or operations of a thing by something resembling it. A map is a representation of the world or a part of it. The terrestrial globe is a representation of the earth. An orrery is a representation of the planets and their revolutions.

4. Exhibition, as of a play on the stage.

5. Exhibition of a character in theatrical performance.

6. Verbal description; statement of arguments or facts in narration, oratory, debate, petition, admonition, etc.; as the representation of a historian, of a witness or an advocate.

7. The business of acting as a substitute for another; as the representation of a nation in a legislative body.

8. Representatives, as a collective body. It is expedient to have an able representation in both houses of congress.

9. Public exhibition.

10. The standing in the place of another, as an heir, or in the right of taking by inheritance.