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RETORT', verb transitive [Latin retortus, retorqueo; re and torqueo, to throw.]

1. To throw back; to reverberate.

And they retort that beat again to the first giver.

2. To return an argument, accusation, censure or incivility; as, to retort the charge of vanity.

He pass'd through hostile scorn; and with retorted scorn, his back he turn'd.

3. To bend or curve back; as a retorted line.

RETORT', verb intransitive To return an argument or charge; to make a severe reply. He retorted upon his adversary with severity.

RETORT', noun

1. The return of an argument, charge or incivility in reply; as the retort courteous.

2. In chimistry, a spherical vessel with its neck bent, to which the receiver is fitted; used in distillation.