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SHAPE, verb transitive preterit tense shaped; participle passive shaped or shapen.

1. To form or create.

I was shapen in iniquity. Psalms 51:1.

2. To mold or make into a particular form; to give form or figure to; as, to shape a garment.

Grace shap'd her limbs, and beauty deck'd her face. Prior.

3. To mold; to cast; to regulate; to adjust; to adapt to a purpose. He shapes his plans or designs to the temper of the times.

4. To direct; as, to shape a course.

5. To image; to conceive.

Oft my jealousy

Shapes faults that are not. Shak.

SHAPE, verb intransitive To square; to suit; to be adjusted.

SHAPE, noun

1. Form or figure as constituted by lines and angles; as the shape of a horse or a tree; the shape of the head, hand or foot.

2. External appearance.

He beat me grievously in the shape of a woman. Shak.

3. The form of the trunk of the human boky; as a clumsy shape; an elegant shape.

4. A being as endowed with form.

Before the gates are sat,

On either side, a formidable shape. Milton.

5. Idea; pattern.

6. Form. This application comes before the legislature in the shape of a memorial.

7. Manner.