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SMALL, adjective

1. Slender; thin; fine; of little diameter; hence in general, litte in size or quantity; not great; as a small house; a small horse; a small farm; a small body; small particles.

2. Minute; slender; fine; as a small voice.

3. Little in degree; as small improvement; small acquirements; the trouble is small Ther arose no small stir about that way. Acts 9:1.

4. Being of little moment, weight or importance; as, it is a small matter or thing; a small subject.

5. Of little genius or ability; petty; as a small poet or musician.

6. Short; containing little; as a small essay.

7. Little in amount; as a small sum; a small price.

8. Containing little of the principal quality, or little strenghth; weak; as small beer.

9. Gentle; soft; not loud. I Kings 19.

10. Mean; base; unworthy.

SMALL, noun The small or slender part of a thing; as the small of the leg or of the back.

SMALL, verb transitive To make little or less. [Not in use.]