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TRI'FLE, noun A thing of very little value or importance; a word applicable to any thing and every thing of this character.

With such poor trifles playing.

Moments make the year, and trifles, life.


Are to the jealous confirmations strong.

TRI'FLE, verb intransitive To act or talk without seriousness, gravity, weight or dignity; to act or talk with levity.

They trifle and they beat the air about nothing which toucheth us.

1. To indulge in light amusements.

To trifle with, to mock; to play the fool with; to treat without respect or seriousness.

To trifle with, to spend in vanity; to waste.

To trifle away, to no good purpose; as, to trifle with time, or to trifle away time; to trifle with advantages.

TRI'FLE, verb transitive To make of no importance. [Not in use.]