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UNTIL', preposition [un and till. See Till.]

1. To; used of time.

He and his sons were priests of the tribe of Dan, until the day of the captivity. Judges 18:30.

2. To; used of objects. obsolete

3. Preceding a sentence or clause, to; that is, to the event mentioned, or the time of it; as, until this hour; until this year.

The scepter shall not depart from Judah - until Shiloh come. Genesis 49:10.

4. To the point or place of.

In open prospect nothing bounds our eye,

UNTIL the earth seems join'd unto the sky.

5. To the degree that.

Thou shalt push Syria, until they be consumed. 2 Chronicles 18:10.

[Note. until is always the same part of speech in fact, and has the same signification. The only difference is, that it is followed sometimes by a single word denoting time, and in other cases by a verb denoting an event, or a word denoting place or degree. The sense is in all cases to; and till may be used as its substitute, and in modern usage it is most common.]