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V'AST, adjective [Latin vastus. The primary sense of the root must be a part or spread, as this is connected with the verb to waste.]

1. Being of great extent; very spacious or large; as the vast ocean; a vast abyss; the vast empire of Russia; the vast plains of Syria; the vast domains of the Almighty.

2. Huge in bulk and extent; as the vast mountains of Asia; the vast range of the Andes.

3. Very great in numbers or amount; as a vast army; vast numbers or multitudes were slain; vast sums of money have been expended to gratify pride and ambition.

4. Very great in force; mighty; as vast efforts; vast labor.

5. Very great in importance; as a subject of vast concern.

V'AST, noun An empty waste.

Through the vast of heav'n it sounded.

The watery vast