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VI'OLENT, adjective [Latin violentus.

1. Forcible; moving or acting with physical strength; urged or driven with force; as a violent wind; a violent stream; a violent assault or blow; a violent conflict.

2. Vehement; outrageous; as a violent attack on the minister.

3. Produced or continued by force; not spontaneous or natural.

No violent state can be perpetual.

4. Produced by violence; not natural; as a violent death.

5. Acting by violence; assailant; not authorized.

Some violent hands were laid on Humphry's life.

6. Fierce; vehement; as a violent philippic; a violent remonstrance.

We might be reckoned fierce and violent

7. Severe; extreme; as violent pains.

8. Extorted; not voluntary.

Vows made in pain, are violent and void.

Violent presumption, in law, is presumption that arises from circumstances which necessarily attend such facts. Such circumstances being proved, the mind infers with confidence that the fact has taken place, and this confidence is a violent presumption, which amounts to proof.

VI'OLENT, noun An assailant. [Not in use.]

VI'OLENT, verb transitive To urge with violence. [Not used.]