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WINTER, noun

1. The cold season of the year. Astronomically considered, winter commences in northern latitudes when the sun enters Capricorn, or at the solstice about the 21st of December, and ends at the equinox in March; but in ordinary discourse, the three winter months are December, January, and February. Our Saxon ancestors reckoned the years by winters; as ten winters; thirty winters. In tropical climates, there are two winters annually; but they cannot be said to be cold. In the temperate and frigid climates, there is one winter only in the year.

2. The part of the printing press which sustains the carriage.

WINTER, verb intransitive To pass the winter He wintered in Italy. Cattle winter well on good fodder.

WINTER, verb transitive To feed or manage during the winter To winter young cattle on straw, is not profitable. Delicate plants must be wintered under cover.